Damien Toogood

Director & Cinematographer


My work emotionally impacts people.

I make people laugh, and conversely, other work of mine may bring a tear of emotion.

These reactions are at opposite ends of the spectrum but require the same skills: close attention to casting choices and nuance of performance.

I’ve won many awards, including a Grand Prix at Cannes, D&AD, One Show, New York Festivals, and Communication Arts, as well as craft awards for Direction and Cinematography from the Guilds and Unions I am a member of.

My work has resonated with Americans, Canadians, Italians, British, Indians, Chinese, and more. Emotion is universal, and developing cultural insight is part of what I love.

Whether it’s 6 seconds or 2 minutes, my storytelling is compelling. I have spots that have been broadcast globally, and others with 75 million views shared virally and organically.

My experience means that both on set and in pre-production I’ve dealt with every curveball you can imagine, and some you would not want to.

I am the cinematographer on my work. I’ve been behind a camera for almost 30 years, so it’s like breathing to me. This streamlined approach allows me to focus on the performances, the actors, and the idea.

I have a number of bases around the world and have been referred to as ‘time zone neutral,’ meaning I will do a conference call at 3 am if needed.

If you’ve made it this far through my spiel, I hope we speak soon.